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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Inanimate Objects Conspiring Against Me.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Inanimate Objects Conspiring Against Me.

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So today, within the last hour, the following was supposed to happen (but did not, due to reasons in the parentheses).
1: was supposed to hear my parents ringing the doorbell @ 2 PM (did not hear this because the phone was out of battery juice).
2: was supposed to go with parents to movie (didn't happen because of #1)
3: once I figured out the phone was gefuckten, got on cellphone to check for voicemail- yep, voicemail from folks, telling me they've headed to theatre (they did not leave their cell, thereby disabling any possibility of me calling them to say "I AM RUNNING LATE PLEASE MEET ME AT _________ PLACE"-- given that the theatre is in a 4-story shopping mall, with terrible sightlines, a place to meet is useful. But, no, that can't happen.).
4: pile into car to drive over to theatre (and promptly peel driver's side view mirror off on doorframe of Garage).

Clearly, I was just not supposed to go to this movie. My patience is now totally shot, I feel like a complete imbecile, and the housemate is probably furious with me too. I am going to go out.

Update: I went to go out. After fucking around on the computer for a while, one of the sticks of memory went "AAAAAAAAAAAAA" and dropped dead on me. I then passed through the livingroom and found that the lightbulbs had dropped dead.
Sigh. Grr. Sigh.
And then I went to the used CD shop to spend money and the CDs GANGED UP ON ME the little fuckers. Made me spend $162. Though I did find the X Japan 'Final Live' 3-cd set for $25 (!!!!!!!).
I love my used CD store.
And I found lightbulbs, too.
  • Woo, CDs! Woo, lightbulbs!

    Blech at everything getting fuxored. Oopsie on the car mirror. Our (formerly my) bumper is slightly dented and slightly more loosely attached than it was previously after husband and another lady backed into each other in a parking lot yesterday, oopsie. I said ten times quietly to myself "It is only a car. It is only a car. It is only a car." and then I did not say a single solitary critical thing about the incident. Perhaps I am finally gaining ground in the battle to learn some patience. Then again, maybe not. :-P
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