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Attack of Adulthood

So. I went to Ikea with the housemate, today. A sectional sofa was bought. One which perfectly fits the necessary space in the livingroom, replaces the ANCIENT HANDMEDOWN that is the main couch as well as the loveseat (which was also a handmedown). We spent a ton of cash on it. And it was... well, it was sort of freakish and neat to be /able/ to spend that kind of $ on a new piece of furniture. Housemate points out that it wasn't really THAT expensive-- which makes me think that okay, yeah, it wasn't really- but it certainly FEELS like I must be a grownup to have that sort of cash to throw down.

I also bought a desk lamp. I think the stupid thing cost like $40. It was rather pricey. it is all metallic, and shiny, and REALLY BRIGHT though it only casts roughly a 1-yard circle of light. Utterly perfect as a reading light. I adore you, Ikea desk light.

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