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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Pig @ DNA lounge, 7/11

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Pig @ DNA lounge, 7/11

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I'll be there.
I will have an extra ticket.

Who wants it?

n.b.: Pig are the bestest thing EVAR. You have heard their vocalist, Raymond Watts, on the KMDFM track 'Juke Joint Jezebel'.

Apparently, Mssr. Watts has cancelled his tour.
I am filled with hate.

I will never.
Get to see this fucking band.
  • Re: Random Post HiJack

    Wow. Tiny, tiny world! So you're the hothot gayboi (or something) who was with... mmmm... Gabriel back then? And you played, umm... started with an 'a'... Alain!

    I can has memory now! ;)

    (Yes, I'm in a silly and odd mood today, and I think I'm even annoying myself with the cute. Apologies.)

    Ahem. In case of curiosity, I played Paine and a few others. I think, in the end, I sort of managed to make Paine not quite as twinky as she started out when I was so young and naive, and was mislead so by the two people I apped with. I concentrated on a different characters later. I'm trying to remember the name of the one that I played most recently. Not that I've been active there anything like recently. Ahem. Anyway... she was a contortionist for Cirque Enfer, I remember that much.
    • Re: Random Post HiJack

      Yahs, I was Alain's player. :) And I remember Paine! And I remember thinking 'pretty decent RPer under there'. ;)
      • Re: Random Post HiJack

        Why thank you. I'm kind of amazed at the legendary status she managed to reach on that game. Considering I started MUSHing at like 14, and didn't start playing Paine until I was about 17(?) I suppose I've had much twinkier characters. I've just blocked them from memory to save myself the trauma. ;) I'm glad I did a good job of turning her around, then. And again, thanks for the compliment. Are you still MUSHing these days?
        • Re: Random Post HiJack

          I haven't in a long while- had a very dreadful experience on a game with some people who seem to feel that any MUSH they're on is about them and anybody else is just an audience member. Nothing really wrong with that perspective on their part- but it made me not wanna MUSH.
          • Re: Random Post HiJack

            Yeah, I found after a certain point that real life was more interesting. I've tried to get back into games since, but it hasn't gone anywhere. Typically I don't even end up getting around to finishing character creation, and then when I do, I never do anything with said character. Also, it seems really difficult to get into RP these days as a new character, anywhere. There's just no one out in public anywhere. The interesting thing is that I don't genuinely miss it. Sometimes I get a feeling like missing, but it's more a feeling of duty, I think.
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