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Housecleaning update

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Housecleaning update

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You can tell when I've been oncall- when I get off, I clean.

double shower-curtain rod from Bed Bath and Beyooooond is totally awesome when you have developed an affection for GARGANTUAN MONSTERHUGE TOWELS OF DOOM, which never hang flat on a normal towel rod.

any suggestions on how to cut soap scum on flexible plastic would be appreciated. I've sprayed it with Kaboom, I've soaked it in simple green, I've attacked it with windex.
  • There's lots of tricks for soap scum. The good ones all involve using something acidic enough to deal with the soap scum, not acidic enough to eat your plastic.

    You can always start with vinegar and work your way up through something like "scrub free" tile cleaner, which is acidic instead of basic (eg: Tilex which is highly basic).

    But basically soap scum is a not very soluble calcium salt of a fatty acid (mostly anyway). The way to make it soluble, is to acidify, dissociating the calcium from the fatty acid portion, and washing it all away.
    • Okay, now this is what I call Extremely Useful Advice. I have just enough biochem to be able to go 'right, so not that, but this... not these, but those...' from this.
      Thank you!
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