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Housecleaning update

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Housecleaning update

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You can tell when I've been oncall- when I get off, I clean.

double shower-curtain rod from Bed Bath and Beyooooond is totally awesome when you have developed an affection for GARGANTUAN MONSTERHUGE TOWELS OF DOOM, which never hang flat on a normal towel rod.

any suggestions on how to cut soap scum on flexible plastic would be appreciated. I've sprayed it with Kaboom, I've soaked it in simple green, I've attacked it with windex.
  • Cleanser and toothbrush attempted?
    • I'm leery of it- I don't want to scratch hell out of the finish on the plastic and make it semi-opaque.
      Heloise suggests just putting it in the washer with detergent and a towel.
  • I've had good results with Scrubbing Bubbles myself.
  • Any off-the-shelf cleanser which explicably says it contains soap scum remover should do you. I like the Scrubbing Bubbles stuff as well, but there's plenty of other brands. I find that SImple Green, for all its eco-friendliness, does leave soap scum; and few usual cleansers will cut through a good quantity thereof. Is this a shower curtain? If so, any bathroom spray cleaners with soap scum remover should do you nicely.

    And hooray for being off call! Perhaps we can have dinner some night?

    • It is indeed a shower curtain- and I've been using Kaboom (which did a remarkable job cleaning tile), as far as bathroom spray cleaners go.
      Scrubbing bubbles are the next effort- a friend of mine and lyricagent's also suggested a spray pre-wash as precursor to throwing it in the washing machine with towels.
      • I have played with far too many bathroom cleaners, being just a tad paranoid about mildew and also just a tad OCD about my bathtub; I find that a soap scum remover every so often, followed by scrubbing bubbles and mildew-killer as necessary, keeps me happy. Most tough cleansers won't take off soap scum, so taking the soap scum off first, then using cleanser, works great. (Especially versus hair dye, not that that's much of an issue for you I'd guess.)
  • There's lots of tricks for soap scum. The good ones all involve using something acidic enough to deal with the soap scum, not acidic enough to eat your plastic.

    You can always start with vinegar and work your way up through something like "scrub free" tile cleaner, which is acidic instead of basic (eg: Tilex which is highly basic).

    But basically soap scum is a not very soluble calcium salt of a fatty acid (mostly anyway). The way to make it soluble, is to acidify, dissociating the calcium from the fatty acid portion, and washing it all away.
    • Okay, now this is what I call Extremely Useful Advice. I have just enough biochem to be able to go 'right, so not that, but this... not these, but those...' from this.
      Thank you!
  • (no subject) -
    • Have you been using a curtain-and-towel? That seems to be part of the trick.
  • I've washed plastic shower curtains with towels for ages. Just have it be cool water wash and rinse, and use unscented Wisk..in a smaller than usual amount..rinse twice.
    Good old Heloise.
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