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Another dream

Shortly before awakening I dreamed I was in prison. Not like a Dumas character, not like anything but jail. Maybe like Con Air actually...
...but that's not important. I dreamed i was in jail, and my cell mate was a guy I had a crush on when I was in boy scouts. And he was trying to file his way out of the jail cell, so the woman who was the chief guard came over to deal with this, along with her flunky. Her hair was purple, and her clothing exactly matched that purple. Similarly, her flunky's hair was sort of blue-violet, and his clothing exactly matched that blue-violet. She had this thick aussie accent- so thick I had to like, sit on the edge of my bunk to get heads or tails out of what she was saying.
Oh, and how did she deal with it? CRACK!! This sickening loud noise as she shattered his forearm. He lay there on the concrete floor whimpering while she yammered on at me with the typical bad prison guard speech ('you do what I tell you, and we'll be friends, do you understand?' and so on), while what I wanted to do was get up and splint the poor guy's arm.

Now that I think about it, I've had nightmares off and on for my whole life wherein the villain has hair that matches his clothing. The one that really spooked me when I was a kid was one I called 'The Khaki Man'. He was all dressed in a fedora, an overcoat, khaki trousers, khaki shoes, sort of jaundiced skin-tone. his eyes were yellow and his HAIR was khaki.
And he followed me as I ran through the city streets and cornered me and took off his fedora
and that's when I woke up, screaming.

But I had another dream I remembered! Laid awake in bed thinking about the Khaki Man and about jail and about what I would do if I were in jail.
Then I got out of bed.

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