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I don't have the time to keep my apartment clean. I have a job which…

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I don't have the time to keep my apartment clean.
I have a job which prohibits having cats, as it turns out- I don't have enough time to properly nurture kittens.

I'm going to go be depressed now.
  • I'm so sorry, Sweetheart. I really am.

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    • I promised myself, basically, that I would keep track of my hours for a month before committing myself to cats.
      I'm home and conscious for 4 hours a night and maybe an hour in the morning outside of dress-and-shower-and-such, on weekdays.

      It wouldn't be fair to the cats.
    • That sucks. :(

      Hope over time your work/comute hours can change.
    • I don't think that's so bad for say, a grown cat. My best times with my two cats are in the evening and in the morning. I cuddle with them before going to bed and while I watch TV or am on the computer. Maybe it's not enough time to nurture tiny little kittens, but you could take in a cat.

      I got my two cats when I was working 10 hour days, and I got two kittens so they could keep each other company. They were hardly abused or neglected.
  • I'm so sad for you. That well and truly sucks.
  • Ack. That's terrible. :(
  • I'm sorry, hon. :(
  • i offer you as much access to our big friendly calico as you can manage (the other two kitties here being less gregarious, and the big calico being a big butt-pat slut)...but i fear you won't be able to take advantage of it often, for the same reasons that are keeping you from parenting cats of your own right now.

    i emphasize the "right now," and i give you much sympathy. look forward to seeing you next week.
  • I'm sorry, hon.
  • Sorry to hear it.
  • I hope things improve work-wise soon. All my sympathy.
  • Oh no, colubra! Don't be sad! You deserve kitties! :0

    If you wanted a dog, I'd completely agree that your work schedule makes it impossible. Dogs need a lot of attention, multiple times a day. But unless you want very young kittens who aren't weaned yet, I think you can still pull it off. Kitties are intrinsically more independent, so I agree with wildpaletz and lalionne.

    I think, if you kitten-proof your home in advance, it is possible to have kittens who keep each other company and then only see you 5 hours a day. We did it when unexpected kittens came into our lives while we were both grad students working insane hours and hardly ever home; three years later, the kits are still well-adjusted, spoiled and very happy. My experience is that most kittens are very adaptable and they get used to schedules very quickly. It seems reasonable that they'd learn to know when you'd be around and available to them, plus they'd probably sleep with you if you let them. (Assuming they wouldn't keep you awake.)

    Of course, I respect that you have to listen to your instincts. If kittens really feel wrong right now, then I heartily endorse glamtasm's suggestion that you get two older animals. Older kitties are less needy and less likely to get into mischief, and if you get siblings, or a pair who already know each other, they also will keep each other company while you are at work.

    There are so many cats of all ages desperate for good homes, and you were so excited about this earlier... Please reconsider? :D

  • I agree with the suggestions that an older cat might still be a viable option. You deserve kitties and would make a great human companion for cats!
  • Hiya..I was thinking about this over the day, and about you. I've had cats and dogs, and it's just true that cats are more self-reliant in general.

    I have a pair of brothers and am out about 3 less hours a day than you are. Keeping in mind that cats sleep about 18 hours a day vs dogs that sleep less, the cats do sleep when I'm out, and sit sniffing fresh air from any window available. So when I'm home they putter about and sit near me, chase the cursor on my computer and generally are quite happy.

    Mine are now 5 years old, and I got them when about 6 months. Given they have always been together they were kind enough to include me in their lives and they do sleep with me or on the chair near. I taught them to wear a harness, then to accept a leash, and for excitement (or to give them a sense of the bigger world) I take them for a 500 yard walk, or a car ride. That does them in for a week and they love to be back home and recover!

    Thing is, they are good company and do quite well as a team. It's amazing how they fill the house with life, even in a quiet way.

    There are, I'm sure, any number of cats that have been together their lives, who have owners that have had to turn them over to a rescue shelter, who are very sweet-healthy-and beautiful. Those pairs are very difficult to place together, and they are always grateful to be taken into a caring home. In return they do care, they are already trained, vet'd, fixed and become part of the new family. This is an option that might be something you could investigate via several shelters.

    It's a sweet possibility..:)
    Just my two cents added to the mix.
  • A lot of people have already chimed in, so I'll just say that I agree. Not having enough time was always my big concern/reason not to have a cat. However, it's worked out just fine. Chip doesn't seem to be unhappy.

    If you get two cats who can keep one another friendly company, they will not be bored and lonely. Older animals (as everyone's suggested) would probably be "better" in that respect than kittens, but even kittens would probably do all right. And weekends are the best. So, hopefully it could still work out for you and kitties!
  • Addendum:

    I received a newsletter from my fabulous local vets today and it advises that one should play with your cat for at least 15 minutes a day, making sure it has plenty of toys to stalk and chase.

    When I asked about this, one vet said, Unlike children or dogs, most cats do very well when they can look forward to once-a-day time for attention. Granted, some will always be greedy and take more when it's available-- and why shouldn't they! -- but humans shouldn't stress about not having enough time to spend. As long as the essentials are covered: adequate food, water and toys, a clean litter box and an elevated perch for relaxing, most animals are very happy. This is especially true for older animals or cats who have other cats around for company....

    Helpful info, I hope?

  • Have to say, I agree with the general population here. During the day when I am home, the cats are usually sleeping on some chair somewhere, ignoring the heck out of me.

    The two kitten philosophy is a sound one, as they will tend to keep themselves amused. I think you're overestimating the amount of time/attention required here to have happy cats.
  • If you're considering adopting older cats, there's a store 'round the corner from me that generally has a cat-for-adoption. The place is Cal's, and it's on California at the corner of 21st or 22nd Ave.

    Right now, the cast they have is Lilly - she's a very silky grey, with yellow-green eyes; about 2 and a half years old... She's very sweet.

    If you're not considering older (or any) cats right now, then I'll stop...
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