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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

What to name them, what to name them...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

What to name them, what to name them...

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mucha mosaic
So! wrote to a cattery last week, to see if they were the one I'd contacted before the computer died in late December.
They were not.
But they have two count them two wee russian blue boys that they're looking to house together, because 'they are really quite enthralled with each other'.

I should be meeting the cats within the next couple weeks, and assuming all goes well, handing over a check to the person who's been raising them so that she'll get them altered and give them to me.

But what to call them? Sure, in the dark all cats are grey, but 'cat' doesn't seem an appropriate way to identify one or the other of them.
Your thoughts/suggestions?

Poll #689107 The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter

What names are appropriate to a pair of russian blue boys? (please choose two)

Mischa (diminutive of Mikhail)
Sascha (diminutive of Alexander)
It doesn't matter what they are named, they aren't gonna answer
Boris (not many squirrels or moose to get, though)
Dorian (the portrait of Dorian Gray)
other (please specify in comments)
  • Dorian would need a matching name, like Oscar.
  • Periwinkle and Slate
  • oh, jealous, jealous, jealous! and happy for you! but please to be posting pictures as soon as you can! I had a gray cat once- not quite a russian blue, but the cat-love of my life, I think.
    And I repeat my vote for Sascha and Boris.
  • i like sasha and dorian. but i'll add my favorite name: ashe or asher.
  • Dum & Dee (as in Tweedle)? Okay, that's kinda mean, but the idea amuses me.

    What about Basil & Neville from Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies? (Basil was eaten by bears and Neville died from ennui.) Other good names from that series are Desmond (thrown out of a sleigh), Hector (done in by a thug), and Titus (flew into bits).
  • I named my Russian blue/tabby mix cat Conal, but I have a tendency to give pet mammals Gaelic names. Mischa and Sascha both sound nice and are easy to say, which can be useful when somebody's on the counter again and you need to tell at them.
  • im a firm believer in not naming cats until meeting them.
  • Lucky you, that they like each other - my pairs of cats have all held the, "Ehhh... It's you..." attitude towards each other. (Unlucky you - grey is going to show up on EVERYTHING you wear, and there will be a lot of it - Russian Blues tend to have fairly dense coats.)

    As far as names, I like Sascha and Mischa the best (Piotr is *not* going to roll off the tongue quite so well when it's discipline time), but I also believe that meeting the little ones is a prerequisite for attaching labels...

  • Cats respond well to names with siblants in them, so Sascha may be heard a little better than Piotr.

    Mischa and Sascha make a good pair. Grischa's another possibility. (All three names are names that the Count on Sesame Street reportedly gave to his bats, too.)

    I had a stuffed animal which my father, when I wondered what to name Yet Another Bunny in a large collection of Beatrix Potter-esque Flopsy, Mopsy, Bouncy, and so on, suggested Trotsky. I thought it was a great name, despite Mom's objections; bunnies can trot. I then inroduced the new bunny to the nice White Russian lady at the Embassy, to her distress.

    But Rasputin and Trotsky still sound like a good set of cats. I think I'd feel safer with Sascha and MIscha though.

  • molitov and cocktail!!!!......my dolls are named Misha and Sacha lol
    • Molotov and Cocktail remind me of another wince-worthy pair - Socrates and Hemlock.
  • I like to go on their personalities, but they never answer to their names unless you have food.
    • There's something delightful to me about you posting a comment w/ an icon of the two that I had kept meaning to go meet and who wound up with a lovely home with you and the beau instead. :)
  • What? No mention of Rasputin? Pushkin (Russia's greatest poet)? What about Lenin and Stalin? Or Trotsky?
  • (no subject) -
  • Sturm and Drang. Those are German rather than Russian, but I think cats should have heavy, violent names. ;)
    • *applauds* I like it. I have a very irate fighting fish named Wagner and he also approves of your train of thought.
  • I think you should do something totally wacky and not name them anything Russian. :P
    I will say that I think two-syllable names are the way to go.
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