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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Robyn Hitchcock tomorrow night @ Slim's.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Robyn Hitchcock tomorrow night @ Slim's.

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thwack (by lj-user twoflower)
Ohhhh I was a dork. It was TONIGHT. GAH.


glamtasm, I suck. :(

EDIT to add:
This link- supplied by that nicely-set-up young gentleman from the village, jwz, explains precisely how I feel about missing this concert.
  • Darn you "Far away on the other coast" folks! Darn y'all all to heck and back!
  • AACK! I missed it too. Fffrrraagghhh.
  • then i guess i shouldn't say anything about whether or not it was good..!
    • Naaah- say away. And I do hope you enjoyed.
      • (Anonymous)
        it was great! a lot of people are saying it was his best show here since the Soft Boys tour. the Minus 5 opened with nearly an hourlong set, then Robyn played 4 or 5 acoustic songs alone, and then he played a bunch of old favorites, plugged in and backed by the Minus 5, which for me was great because the old rockin' Egyptians-era stuff is among my favorite work of his. You can see a setlist (from the electric set) here:


        Robyn didn't look at all nervous, blinking was at a minimum, and he was very happy and jovial. Peter Buck, however, looked less than happy, though i'm told he always looks that way - he was also annoyed by his buzzing amp and what appeared to be a powerful headache. still, all in all, a very enjoyable show!
        • uh, the above was from me. :)
          • (no subject) -
            • i'm not extremely familiar with their songs, but i've seen them before and know their sound. they sounded great, came on and ripped through six or so songs before Scott made them stop so he could have a sip of beer, and then some mix of booze and honey and herbal tea (he claimed) for his throat. they had a lot of fun, i think; their set was quite long and very energetic!
  • Sorry you missed it. I've missed him the last couple of times he was out here, so I feel your pain.

    BTW, I do not have your address anymore and I'm sending out wedding invites and I know that there's little chance a lot of folks I know are gonna make it out 3000 miles but for what it's worth you *are* invited :)

    So, uh, email me your addy. cicero.hood at gmail dot com.
  • so, how do you turn that video into a lj icon?
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