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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

'tis nearly spring, and a young man's fancy turns to... redecorating.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

'tis nearly spring, and a young man's fancy turns to... redecorating.

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fog and bridge
It is starting to approach the 'spring cleaning' time of year, that time of year where you can leave the damn windows open and not freeze to death while the paint vapors get the hell out of your apartment.

Question the first:
anybody got a good roller I can borrow? Yes, more than one person saying yes is useful because

Question the second:
Anybody feel like spending some time with me painting? I wanna do the hallway, diningroom, and kitchen. If you are especially good with painting then I'd especially appreciate your aid, because

Question the third:
Anybody good with painting effects (sponging, cellophaning, &c)? I have lived in landlord-white (or landlord-tobaccostained-white) for 10 years, it's time I actually live in an apartment that has a touch of character.

Question the fourth:
Speaking of character, I want to replace the light fixture in the diningroom, definitely- possibly the ones in the hallway, as well. Anybody good with electrical wiring who'd be willing to give me an hour or so to peek at what is going on and laugh at me for thinking the wiring could support 100-watt bulbs?
  • I'll help you paint if someone has the equipment!
  • I have been told that renting a power roller is the bestest thing ever.
    • This I shall keep in mind: didn't even know there was such a thing. Thank you!
      • There are certainly power paint sprayers, and they're a big help. I'm not sure what the difference would be between one and a power roller.

        The folks at the various Cole Hardware stores are really helpful, have equipment that can be rented or borrowed, and and some stores also do paint mixing.
        • A power roller is a roller with an attachment that puts paint onto it as you go... so you don't have to dip. Apparently, it also helps with having an even amount of paint on the roller.
  • Sadly, I am no longer allowed to play with paint fumes. I look forward to seeing the results, however.

    Sponging's not hard. I suggest a little practice on something like cardboard, just so you know what you're getting from that particular sponge, and so you're not as convinced you're going to have to repaint the whole damn wall if you screw up.

    Since a lot of fixtures don't like 100-watt bulbs either, you may wish to consider something that holds, say, three 60-watt bulbs.
  • Depending on when you start doing it I could lend my painting abilities though I don't have a roller. I've done sponge stuff and splatter and stencils before.
    • Thanks! A weekend (or one of several weekends) in late April/ early May workable by your schedule?
      • With this much notice? I can make sure I have one if not two weekends available for you.
  • I can help. Let me know.
    • Seconding this offer. And I painted the whole apartment in the big pretty house in DE with teeny bits of help here and there so there's experience. ;)

      Sadly, I didn't stay in Delaware long enough to help surreality with the many interesting paint jobs she had planned so I don't have anything to offer in the way of fancy stuff. I learn quick and have an eye that surreality would've trusted on her walls though so take that as you will.
      • Thanks both! I'm thinking probably May or April to actually do the deed- just figured that a heads-up of 'hey I wanna do this at some point, anybody I can beg assistance from?' was a good idea.
  • Oh have a big painting party! How fun. I almost wish I was in SF. But don't worry I'll get my fair share when my Mom gets into her new house. :-)
  • I'll help with the paint, too...

    If the wiring isn't aluminum, it might be able to take 100w bulbs. I don't have as much experience in doing electrical stuff as I'd like, but did put in a new fixture in my bathroom and have done other small stuff like installing dimmer-switches and the like. I can take a look but may not be able to tell you much of anything...

    I just looked at the pretty fixture. My only additional comment is that 5 100w bulbs is a LOT of light unless you're planning on painting the walls a really dark color.
    • Oh, it's 100-watt capable: I'm planning on 60-watt bulbs. ;) 500 watts of light would be eyesearing, I think, in the diningroom.

      Though I am thinking about darker colors- terracotta, bronze on the mouldings...
  • i may be able to help, depending on when you're planning to do it. i was happy w/the results i got sponging and stippling my old kitchen cabinets, but that was a couple of years ago...
    • What kind of timing's good for you, then? I'm sort of waving this idea around with the concept of folks pencilling in. I'm thinking a weekend in late Apr. or early May- or a series of weekends- do the hallway one day, then the kitchen another, then the livingroom (which will probably be the really tricky one).
      • ok. i don't have to work on weekends--one weekend day i ususally do volunteer work (the day depends on my client's schedule) but if you're so just let me know which weekend(s) and i can help on the day i don't volunteer.
        • ...the grammatical inconsistencies in that reply were brought to you courtesy of a cat scratching the exact place she's not allowed :-)
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