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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

restless night of troubled dreams

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

restless night of troubled dreams

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scared of you.
tossed and turned all night last night. Got a miserable night's sleep. At least one of the boys upstairs (possibly both) also was having a rough night of it, as they were moving furniture around 'till the wee hours, and dropping things on the bedroom floor (which they invariably avoid late at night, as I did once quote a conversation they were having to them).
Also, had a terribly strange dream...

dreamed that the boys upstairs had a party going on, but the apartment building we lived in was extremely different. In the Tenderloin, really.
There were some really neat people at the party, and then it was a weekend morning. I walked out of the building and was looking at the former-gas-station @ the corner of Polk & Geary, where- in the no-longer-a-gas-station-office, there was a guy who had set up various oriental rugs who was selling things rather like a sidewalk sale.
He had cats- a cat of some strange breed (no, not a real one) who looked as if he'd been partially shaved around his midriff, but 'he's just shedding right now, go ahead and pick him up'. I reached to pet him, and the big baboon I had somehow missed sitting on the carpet went 'ook' and bit my arm. Gently, I could get it back easily enough without bleeding at all. 'You want to come away from there right now," said the salesman in a so-calm-you-can't-ignore-it tone, and I pulled my arm back and then rolled away from the rug just before the panther that was on the rug clawed me.
Then I woke up, with my arm stinging a bit where the baboon had been nipping at it.

...what the fuck?!?!?

Mercifully, I did not awaken to discover I had been transformed into a large vermin.
  • Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist...
    • Man, nobody gets the ONE Kafka reference they should.

      'As Gregor Samsa awake one morning from a troubled dream, he found himself changed in his bed to some monstrous kind of vermin.', to quote.
    • Ah, well, I haven't read it in English in many many years. "ungeheuren Ungeziefer" would have made me think of Metamorphosis in a heartbeat. :)
    • Except me. I have an art version of it on the inside of my bathroom dorr.
  • Lousy sidewalk salesmen with their lousy babooons!
  • Hey You..

    Just in case you happen to get this here and not elsewhere I'm trying to get a hold of you. If possible, make an appearance on Web Messenger this week.

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