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Observation on the new Enya album

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Observation on the new Enya album

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It's interesting how much less smooth-and-seamless a Neo-Celtic-Wall-of-Noise (doodah, doodah) the new Enya album is.
I suspect someone learned, from working on the Lord of the Rings films, that she could actually carry a song singing once-through, without funky reverb and a half-dozen tracks of her own voice.

I think I actually rather like the change.
  • I wonder how long I'm going to have "Camptown Races" stuck in my head now. I think the previous record could be measured in weeks.

    • Yeah, I am now walking around singing:

      "Neo-Celtic-Wall-of-Noise, doodah...doodah/
      Neo-Celtic-Echo-Toys, oh dee doo dah day..."
  • For that, I may give it a listen. I like her voice, but hated the overprocessing.
  • This is good to know. :)
  • I really didn't like it much, myself. I listened to it while out at my parents' house and it really was just the same old stuff to me. I didn't hear anything new that grabbed me at all.
  • Neo-Celtic-Wall-of-Noise, doodah, doodah! Neo-Celtic-Wall-of-Noise, all the doo dah day.

    *knocks into wall*

    *damages things*

    Move along, nothing to see here.
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