I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Lemminged off wildpaletz.

1. How many siblings do you have? None.

2. What are the weakest parts of your body? Left knee; heart.

3. What are the strongest parts of your body? eyes, upper back.

4. What's your favorite kind of tea or coffee? Jamaican Blue Mountain, or perhaps Kona.

5. What is your ideal town/city/place to live? San Francisco. How convenient.

6. What do you consider to be a "freak"? Are you one? Someone outside of the norm. Yes, I am. So's everybody: norms are fictive.

7. Do you have a pet? Do you want a pet? Why do people keep pets? No I haven't; yes, I do. Companionship and feeling needed are both very valuable to human mental states.

8. What kind of computer do you use? (Assuming you use one to be doing a journal/email/etc.) A really muscular Athlon that doubles as a space heater, this time of year.

9. Do you have any allergies? What kind? Yes, but I'm not sure what kind.

10. Will you/would you get a smallpox vaccine? I would.

11. Do you have lower or upper back/wrist/repetitive strain/hip problems? no, yes, sorta, no.

12. Are you going to vote in the next election? Yes. Most definitely yes. Oh my GOD yes.

13. Do you like to dress up in costume? What's your favorite costume? Yes; I like Japanese dress, it's very comfortable to me.

14. Do you want to get married someday, and/or have kids? (say if already married/engaged.) Sorta done this once. I... guess I could again. No kids, though.

15. What kinds of things do you really want in a place that you live? Good food, a countercultural presence, affordable housing, doable public transit (I should walk more than /excellent/ public transit ought to imply). Decent weather, 'alternative' lifestyles being the norm rather than the alternative.

16. What kind of work do you love to do? Sleep.

17. How much sleep do you need? Meaning, in a perfect world, how much sleep would you get? I seem to do OK on about 7 or 8.

18. What is your natural hair color? Black-brown.

19. What do you want for your birthday? new house.

20. For that matter, when IS your birthday (so I can write it down)? You know the answer to this already, wildpaletz.

21. How do you feel about war with Iraq? What about North Korea? WHAT the FUCK? and Whatthe FUCK?, respectively.

22. If you were a contestant for Miss America (or, Mr. America), what would your "talent" be? piano, probably.

23. If you were thrown back to 100 years ago, what would you do? First and foremost, I would parlay my vast knowledge of turn-of-the-century San Francisciana into some ready cash (there's a few things I could milk money out of, such as knowing that the then BRAND NEW water mains that had JUST been installed were not connected to 2 out of 3 hydrants in the city). Money secured, I would get a house as /far out west/ as possible within the city limits and wait for april of '06. Once the quake was over, I would go about buying up LARGE swaths of land in the Western Addition cheap: by 1915, they'd all be built up. Then I'd be, well, cheerfully obscenely rich.

24. If aliens came to earth and wanted you to give them some Earth food, what would you cook them/what restaurant would you take 'm to? I'd ask them what sort of food they favor on their planet- and what various broadcast TV shows they've watched that showed foodstuffs that looked appetizing to them.
I'd plan off that, and silently thank Chairman Kaga for training a whole new generation of earth cuisine afficionadoes.

25. If the Wildpaletz decided to move to a small town/development outside a large city and take it over as an enclave for wacky like-minded folks, would you want to join? Depends: how far outside? How soon are we talking about? This might be worthwhile and fun and cool- but I'd really want to know more specifics of when/where/why/who/et cetera before answering.

26. Do you have any questions for the Wildpaletz, or anyone else? Nope.

27. What character from fiction (or history) are you most like? Here's a good example of how marvellous my physical self-esteem has been this last year: Tyrion Lannister from _Song of Ice and Fire' is who I feel most like, of late.

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