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bad news and good news on the computer front.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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bad news and good news on the computer front.

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Bad news: still can't get the desktop booted.
Good news: can't get it booted because the 80gb drive I had around the house has an old windows install on it and it's hanging. Either I'm a blind idiot or I can't remember how to get to DOS. formatting the drive is a perfectly reasonable option to me (though I'd prefer hanging onto the files and just stripping the windows directory then reinstalling it).

Thoughts, suggestions? Would be appreciated.
  • Re: Prompt from WinXP CD

    now hopefully, when I get home this evening, I'll figure out how the @#*!& to tell a Soyo motherboard to boot with the CD first and the hard drive last.
  • Re: Prompt from WinXP CD

    Looking around, it looks like Soyo uses Award BIOS, which uses (Del) or (Ctrl)(Alt)(Esc) to access configuration.
  • Re: Prompt from WinXP CD

    I'm not sure if I'll check my email again tonight. If you need anything, do you still have my phone number?
    • Re: Prompt from WinXP CD

      I have laptoppage, and I can go to Soyo's support site as conveniently as anybody. :D

      Also, you're not the only soul w/ a tech clue around that I know (see other comments on this thread!): you're the one who first shook loose a little bit of clue in my own brain. I'll manage, I'm sure. But thanks!
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