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bad news and good news on the computer front.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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bad news and good news on the computer front.

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Bad news: still can't get the desktop booted.
Good news: can't get it booted because the 80gb drive I had around the house has an old windows install on it and it's hanging. Either I'm a blind idiot or I can't remember how to get to DOS. formatting the drive is a perfectly reasonable option to me (though I'd prefer hanging onto the files and just stripping the windows directory then reinstalling it).

Thoughts, suggestions? Would be appreciated.
  • Re: Hmm..

    Not unless it has a version of DOS built into the BIOS. Granted, BIOSes used to come with a BASIC interpreter built in, but those went the way of the dinosaur sometime before 1990, and I never heard of one with DOS.

    I'm pretty sure a modern BIOS will, instead, say "Non-system disk or disk error. Please insert a system a disk and press any key", or words to that effect.

    Heck, a really modern BIOS might even say "Boot from floppy drive... failure" and then move on to the next boot device.
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