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home improvement query

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home improvement query

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right., er
The front room in my place has a gargantuan walkin closet. It fits all of my clothing and my dresser, reasonably well. The walkin has two doors- one into the hall, one into the front room.
I'm wanting to put a new rod into it- the door into the hallway has no rod in front of it, but I'd like to use it as somewhere for guests to hang their coats. The apartment's all plaster-and-lath.

Suggestions on how I ought to make it firmly secure in place would be appreciated- I already know a tension rod won't do the job.

AS it turns out, I am a moron. I looked around in the closet yesterday evening and discovered that there are two-by-fours just sitting there and waiting for closet-rod brackets. This becomes much easier. Still will need to put a center arm on it, though.
  • I used a tension rod (because I had one) in our front closet and augmented it with two screws underneath it on each side. It holds all of our coats, including the ones heavy enough for northeast winters. It's not the prettiest thing in the world but it works and the closet doors are usually closed anyway.

    There are also rods that come with holders. The holders affix to the wall with screws and the rod rests between the two. Most of our closets came with rods like that. I'm guessing you could find those at somewhere like Home Depot.
    • Oh! And when I was staying with surreality she provided me with a portable clothes hanger thing. It had a fixed width but adjustable height and seemed fairly sturdy. That may also be an option.

  • I think there are these little mounting brackets you can buy that would nail into the walls and support a rod or dowel. Here's an example, off to the right. I'd suggest something along those lines, as it will support the rod from beneath rather than relying on expansion pressure to hold it up. (That always seemed like a stupid idea to me.)

    You may also need some kind of brace in the middle, depending on how long this rod is. (I.e., depending on how big the closet is.) Our social circle tends to have some fairly heavy outerwear, so I'd lean toward over-engineering that aspect of things.
  • Before you screw brackets into the wall, drill holes and insert wall anchors (there are some made especially for plaster walls) to hold the screws.
    • That much, I had definitely intended to do: as digitalsidhe pointed out, our friends tend to have heavy coats, and his-and-my friends are why I'm putting the damn thing up. :D
      I am probably going to use Esmerel's suggested hardware above (assuming I can get a lead on a name, since I got a nonspecific search page out of that link).
  • Which reminds me: did you ever find a hall tree you liked?

    I noticed that www.homedecorators.com have several (you should be able to search on "hall tree") to choose from. That's the place I got my altar table from; the quality is quite good.
    • I did find a couple there that I liked- but they were either too deep or too hookless. This seems a neater solution to the quandary.
      • It does seem neater, and leaves you more hallway space. I look forward to seeing what you've done with the place at some point.

        And nothing seems to have enough hooks to cope with our social circle and their plethora of heavy coats. I have at last found a coat-tree combined with an umbrella stand (aka "sword storage") that looks sturdy enough to hold a lot of leather without falling over and braining anybody.
  • Why don't you make this simple and get a hanger that has hooks that hang over the door that has pegs on? I have one in my bedroom and it works great.


    • I'd considered that. But I often have upwards of fifty people in the apartment when I entertain, and it's generally the middle of winter so it's cold and they have on big bulky coats.
      And then someone leaves their coat behind because they just lay 'em out on my bed.
      • We own one of those things; we're on our second because the first bent/collapsed under the weight of our personal coat collection, never mind guests. You've made an excellent decision. (It also means your bed needn't be covered in rain-soaked coats, either.)
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