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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

In which our author complains jestingly that you failed him, again.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

In which our author complains jestingly that you failed him, again.

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Nobody told me Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil was a wellwritten book. Which, based on City of Falling Angels, I'm forced to assume it was.
  • Midnight is in fact a good book. SKIP THE MOVIE for the love of all that you hold sacred. I could detail my reasons for telling you this, but I think a significant one is that any movie that hires Brad Pitt and then only uses him for about three minutes is just silly.
    • Good point but it /is/a good example of some John Cusack fine-ness. And Kevin Spacey is not bad either.

      But yeah, I've always heard the book is brilliant.
  • You never asked. :P
    • Also, I have it if you'd like to borrow once I locate it in the sea of cardboard and tape.
  • I have it in the huge monstrous pile of books I'm to read. I've heard it's slow, like the movie was slow, but good.
  • Only last night I assumed the reverse as I noticed City of Falling Angels had just been released in Australia and I thought to myself 'Well it must be good because Midnight was excellent.' Good to know I wasn't kidding myself.
    • I'm definitely enjoying it. Part of that I think is having just immersed myself in Venice, but.
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