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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

*strange disjointed Angelo Badalamenti music*

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

*strange disjointed Angelo Badalamenti music*

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man from another place
Shee's my causin. buut doesn' shee look. eeggsacktly like. Laurapalm r.

Yes, it's a gratuitous icon post. Yay.
  • Ack.

  • AHHHH.
  • .kcab dneb smra ym semitemos
  • You know that gum you like?
    It's coming back in style.
    • Goddammit, what are you doing in this LJ?

      Stop following me.
      • See, I noticed colubra on your friends list, and it confused me a ton and a half, but I couldn't think of a semi-polite way to ask what was REALLY on my mind, which was: "Jesus fuck, does Colubra know everybody?"
    • So I actually first encountered daft on a WoD MUSH, same as you. She was close friends with a girl who wound up being a housemate of mine, and so when she decided to get outta her folks' house she moved in with us for a bit.
      So, we were flatmates for a while.

      I don't know everyone, but between me and redshrike and nicolascaesar, the field gets pretty damn small.
    • I lived in his closet, since he wasn't using it.

      I came out eventually and tricked him into comitting brilliant suicide during a game of Jyhad.

      (His story is more complete, but mine is funnier.)
  • where i come. from. the brids. singaprettysong.
  • I do not arm you with creepy icons to have them on my friends page... Okay, so I do. And yes, CREEPY!
  • *CRIES*
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