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Wherein we give a million thanks to scanner_darkly; Music Part II

Nouvelle Vague is about the best damn album on the face of the planet.
For those of you with the musical background: imagine the score to a Francois Truffaut film.
You have a pretty decent touch on what that sounds like, I bet?
Now imagine a French cocktail-jazz band that produces such a score hired to cover songs.
Specifically, to cover post-punk songs.
Their cover of Sister of Mercy's 'Marianne' is right up there on my list as one of the best damn covers ever, though I also really like their rendition of the Dead Kennedys' 'Too Drunk To Fuck', which the liner notes say is 're-imagined as the tale of an irresistable femme fatale'- it is, actually.

AWESOME album. Terrific. Amazon has samples up from it.
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