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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

November will be magic again: wherein EIGHT ALBUMS is an unexpected leitmotif

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

November will be magic again: wherein EIGHT ALBUMS is an unexpected leitmotif

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count only sunny hours
All 8 studio albums re-released Nov. 7. This includes 5-7 bonus tracks per album, and includes a Bowie cover, a Smiths cover, a cover of the Doors, a... on and on and on, really. the UK gets a box set of all 8 (which I may just say 'oh screw it' and buy).
Oh, there's also a new 'greatest hits' collection, which will include two new songs.

Kate Bush
New album, titled 'Aerial', also releases November 7, supposedly: first single, 'King of the Mountain', will release Oct 25. There was a preview of it on the BBC a while back. It's also downloadable from iTunes.
Sounds... amazingly good. It reminds me of the sheer layers-upon-layers of Hounds of Love, though Kate's obviously listened to juuust a few things between. It's also a lot crisper than Red Shoes, which was so overproduced as to be apple sauce by the end of it.
Aerial will be an 18-track double album.
Kate's eighth studio album.

Time ticktockticktocks away.
  • Oh my goodness, has hell actually frozen over and Kate Bush is actually /really/ going to put a new cd out?
  • There goes a tenner $25.
    • Bahahahaha.

      Just edited to give some impressions of new single. God I want this thing now. NOW. NOOOOOW. I may have to take a week off in early November to revel in what's going to be like 6 album's worth of tracks by two of my favorite artists.
  • I have preview tracks of the KB. So far, it does not disappoint.
    • I've just got 'King of the Mountain'. Now I want more.
      I think I can wait a month.
      I think.
  • I had to say it

    Sweet dreams are made of this.
  • whoa!

    i was wonderiung if she'd ever put anything out again. i thought red shoes was total crap so i have high hopes for this.
    • Re: whoa!

      I should stop by with the iPod this evening and let you have a listen to the single.
  • squueeeeeeeell!
    • Most. Definitely.

      The Eurythmics CDs include a cover of 'Last Night I Dreamt (That Somebody Loved Me)'. and of 'Fame'.
      Honestly, I'm in for the full cost JUST FOR THOSE.
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