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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Amusing, true, 12hr and 24 min old anecdote

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Amusing, true, 12hr and 24 min old anecdote

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Driving north on 101 last night. Look at digital clock on dashboard: 11:59. Listen to iPod- snicker.
"Well the rain falls down without my help I'm afraid
"And my lawn gets wet though I've withheld my consent
"When this grey world crumbles like a cake
"I'll be hanging from the hope
"That I'll never see that recipe again"

Check clock: 11:59

"As I walk, I think about a new way to walk
"As I think, I'm using up the time left to think
"And this train keep rolling off the track
"Trying to act like something else
"Trying to go where it's been uninvited"

Glance at clock: Midnight

"It's not my birthday
"It's not today

Talk about timing.
  • Hee. Awesome.

    Happy You Day. =)

    Hope it's a brilliant one.
  • I did think it was nice of DCD to throw a concert in honour of the day. :)
  • Happy birthday lad!
  • Birthdays are alternately the worst feeling in the world, and very nice.

    Hope you have/had a happy one, anyway.
  • Drink Bacardi! Like it's de birthday! :) Happy birthday.
  • Happy first-birthday! (You should clearly also celebrate your rebirth from the dead as a second-birthday. Y'know, for loot-doubling purposes.)
    • My second-birthday is far too close to Christmas, I fear.
        • Nah, my uncle who was born on the 26th of December pointed out to me that it got really tiresome getting a present 'for your birthday and christmas' when he was a kid.
          I've always made sure to get him something stupid and small for his birthday, since.
    • yeah, my best friend growing up had the same problem (his the 26th, his sister's the 24th.)
    • I sometimes had the same problem, even being a mid-January birthday; when folks had to mail their presents by slow-boat military mail, they often just saved a box. For years I got my birthday presents under the Christmas tree, although that was partly an excuse to not have to take the tree down just yet.
    • Yeah mine's on the 22nd... turning pagan didn't help :-p
  • Ah yes, that's right, happy etc. It's on my calendar and everything, which would be more helpful if I actually had loaded up my calendar this week.

    Have some booze on my behalf.

    • I shall snort back a bit of the 21-year-old Glenfiddich that's sitting on the shelf. Hah haa.
  • *doing a Happy Birthday dance for you*
  • *joins the crowd* ;)

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee B'day! :)
  • Feliz Cumpleaños, hombre!

    May you have as much fun as my Domokun in my icon. :)
  • Happy birthday.

    The iPod knows.
  • Glad you got home soundly. Happy birthday, un- and otherwise!

    "Twinkle, twinkle, little rat... how I wonder where you're at."
  • [eom]
  • *laughs*

    That's so fuckin' you, you know.

    Salutations and best wishes and all that.
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