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Improbable Collaborations 3: Bride of Improbable Collaborations

For those of you new to it, here's how it's played: I will go first. the person who goes first will pick two authors, and the next person titles a hypothetical collaboration between these two authors.
Examples from a couple prior games:
Kerouac + Poe = Suffering is Hip
Lovecraft + Miller = The Tropic of Azathoth
Plath + Powter = STOP THE BELL JAR!
Do read ALL the entries before you take a turn at the game, gentle reader: the bottommost entry should contain the most recent pair of authors.
new rule: if over 30 minutes have passed since an entry has been put in and you CANNOT find a title for the collaboration at hand, please do dredge up another pair from your own mind and start a new thread. Not everybody is familiar enough with all authors to come up with (f'rinstance) what a collaboration between Pushkin and Aleister Crowley might be titled.
Please use the new rule sparingly, and please do not use it without giving the person who came up with the stumper 30 minutes to sweat it out.

To kick off, then:
I present this potential collaboration: Albert Camus (auth: the Stranger) and Vladimir Nabokov (auth: Lolita).
Now you should come up with a title for the collaboration, and then pick a pair of authors for the next player to choose. The 'current' pair should always be kept in the bottommost posting in the list, so people don't get confuzzled. Pick up stumpers if you wanna, though...

Adddendum: http://www.google.com is your friend when you come to an author (or authors) you don't know.
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