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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

It just gets better. I cannot buy a one-way flight to Paris from the…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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no mask... no mask!
It just gets better. I cannot buy a one-way flight to Paris from the airline involved. I cannot buy a round-trip from that airline either.
So I have to take the train back., tonight at 1:47 AM, to get back to Venice by 5 so I have enough time to get on the goddamned flight to France to get there early enough to get home.

Bought a leather shoulderbag for myself.

I want to be home now.
  • I was just in Paris last week - in London now, heading back to California on Tuesday. But... I don't want to go home.
    • Did you have a bag lost, with €300 of goods in it?

      Did you have a lengthy trainride?

      Did you have stomach flu?

      Then your desire to be home is probably slimmer than mine. Mine is also not a desire to be home RIGHT NOW but more a desire to not have to deal with all the festival of bullshit involved in getting home.
      • Well, I did get locked out of my cousin's flat for 3 hours, sitting in the London rain. But then I got to take her two children to the nearby portrait gallery, which made it alright.
  • I want you to be home, too. ;)
    • And now, I am. Exhausted, but in my very own home in my very own bathrobe.

    Glad you had a good time and please make it home safe.
  • Take care of yourself, darlin'. One foot in front of the other...you'll get home soon enough.

  • Sorry things have gotten messed up, especially since it seemed like you were having such a great time. Maybe things will get better for your trip home.
    • I think, on reflection, that I should've just used my brain and said 'you know? I'm unable to change the plane ticket, it's a LONG trip back to Venice... you guys go on to Florence: I'll be here and fly home from here.' That would've spared my companions the fun of me going 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' realizing what a mess I had got myself into- and would've allowed me a little more time to unwind from the gleeful putsch that was the Venice trip up to that point.
  • I have enjoyed your entries, with only the faintest tinge of envy.

    I wish you home safely.
  • My condolences on the nasty travel woes, and best wishes for an easy return trip.

    Bauhaus at the Warfield went on sale here today, according to Lunatic. I won't call you at an ungodly hour and yell that you've got Bauhaus tickets, but I did think of you.
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