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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Today, I was awoken by the sound of church bells. however, this has happened every morning so far: i have no expectation of this stopping anytime soon. Got myself dressed and showered and caffeinated and went out to Bassano di Grappa, to visit black_reaver's father & second wife. they have a lovely house up in the hills over the Veneto. We made some plans to visit other towns together (they're coming into Venice later this week, then we're off to Verona together).
then we went back to the absinthe bar we hit earlier. I must note that it is strange that the bar is assistant-managered by a fellow who's been reading www.lafeeverte.com- which is a site run by two women, among which is the woman who produced the first absinthe I ever tasted.
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