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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Foreign places.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Foreign places.

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medallion (venice 2005)
it strikes me that there is no way that going to the Piazza San Marco could have been better than going out of the apartment we leased at about 11 PM and having a thunderstorm keep us company all the way down the Grand Canal, followed by having the WHOLE PIAZZA COMPLETELY DESERTED AT MIDNIGHT.
Also amusing was going down the Grand Canal, looking out at an antique cigarette speedboat, and seeing a couple in flagrante delicto tucked into this boat with the lights on and curtains drawn.

Travel to Venice was amazingly overcomplicated. San Francisco -> Chicago -> Paris -> Venice. Venice is... I really don't have words for it. The whole thing just seems so... bigger. More so. The history of this place is truly boggling- I thought walking through London in the wee hours felt like a meander through history but this- it feels like I'm in an alien world. Really, it's just an incomprehensible difference, not just the language difference. I mean, what would drive people to live like this? How would this have seemed a good idea? It's fascinatingly... alien. Unique. I could honestly spend the rest of the time i'll be in Italy right here, without regrets.

Dude. Oh man dude. This place is awesome. I am completely in awe. I am gonna spend so much frigging money.
  • Fear not though. You have some to come back to.

    If you see anything related to courtesans...take pictures/let me know. I know my group would love it.
  • I'd intended.

    BTW: does Sai need a lace parasol? I've seen a couple while wandering about that are doll-sized. It'd probably be a tiny thing proportionately to him, but.
    • Hmm.. lace parasol....that might be nice, considering he's not yet UV coated, and staying in the shade is good for him :D

      Not sure if this looks to be the size you're seeing...but here's Sai with one he loaned off of another doll:


      I think it's about 8 inches in length or so total..
      • **your family tree**

        ...mmmmmm just reading that colubra is your godfather,Sai,you fortunate boyboy,I'm quick to read your godfathers journal all the time and now that I know he will be seeing you in person i am very happy !!,he should be a very good fashion adviser to you ....dolls and godfathers have such kool lives alas.
  • Nothing so far on the courtesans front. I did get a nice photo of a bunch of ladies costumed late-1800s Venice Carnevale for the Regatta Storica, though.
    I will keep keeping my eyes open!
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