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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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count only sunny hours
Visited the parents, dealt with the space-available travel fun. odds are I will arrive in the afternoon on the same day as meliny and black_reaver.


See, I have to book a round trip, and can't do 'sf->venice' as one leg and 'florence->sf' as the other.
Florence is, oddly, cheaper than Milan.

It is a conundrum. I think I'm going to do Florence, because it's not a long train jaunt to Venice, and I am leaving from Florence.

Though I think I may try for an 8 hour layover in Paris, on the way home.
I still need to see the bijouterie that Mucha designed.
  • I'm glad you're taking this trip at last! I look forward to seeing photos and hearing tales. Hopefully good ones.

    When you're back and rested, we should do dinner.
  • Before you go to the musée carnavalet to check it out, ask if this particular room is open on that day. They're sometimes understaffed and close certain rooms, I missed the bijouterie (jeweller's) fouquet once because of this.
    • Indeed, I missed it last February because of an art nouveau conference.
      I was most irritated to miss it, and moreso that I couldn't even convince the people doing the conference to let me throw a large chunk of Euros at them so I could join it for the whole damn conference's span just to be able to walk into it that afternoon, or any afternoon of the week I was there.
      BTW: I trust that you recognize the sundial on the Musée Cluny in this icon?
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