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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Saw The Aristocrats

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Saw The Aristocrats

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mucha mosaic
That movie is goddamned funny. Really foul, but REALLY funny.
And laden with nine million and one people. I don't know that there's anybody I think is funny who is not in it.
  • I loved The Aristocrats too!
  • Holy god... I just looked that up on imdb.com and... I AM SO GOING TO SEE THAT! Man! Thank you! I saw the poster at my theater and had no idea what it was about. Holy crap. Wow! You rock man! Thanks!
  • I'm just hoping it stays around til at least the first week of Sept. as I've already spent too much money this month. I've wanted to see it ever since I read about it on a friend's LJ (and saw the South Park take on it).

    How was Eddie Izzard's version? :)

    (note: as per the subject matter, that SP link is most certainly NSFW)
    • Izzard's version was horrid. And Eric Idle's version was only funny because it was told all in like Swedish or something.
      I don't think England gets that joke, honestly.
  • Off-topic...

    The Gorey HBP A-F that I mentioned last night.
  • movies movies

    ....i just saw the brothers grimm (sunday 8/28)..Hollywood caved and did not include what could have been a perfectly timed kiss between brothers Matt Damon and Heath Leger and took any future cult status instantly away...hollywood sucks,people also took children into what is obviously a horror movie....yea this is the stuff of nightmares,i almost went to sleep in the first hour,and then the only thing that kept me awake was trying to figure out what Matt had done to hiz face in the doctors office??LOL
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