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It's All About The Music (local interest)

Finally extracted brain from office enough to actually use the brain and noticed; gee, there's a ton of stuff coming up. If you're not local, you may still have a chance to see some of these acts locally to yourself, which is why I'm not locking this down to the local folks.

Aug 23: going to see Rufus Wainwright with a few of you maniacs. I have your tickets sitting on my desk at home.
Sept 21 & 22: Dead Can Dance
Oct 6: Franz Ferdinand in SF (goes on sale this weekend)
Oct 8: Download Festival in Mountain View (not sure about onsale)- this one includes British Sea Power, a band that if you haven't seen live you should, and if you're not listening to you should be.
Oct 27 & 28: Bauhaus @ the Warfield in SF (goes onsale Sept 11).

I'm sure I will see some of you at some of these. BTW: anyone wanna do Franz Ferdinand, since I'll be getting up on Sun to buy tix?
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