I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Now I have a table for eight.

The boys upstairs were out grocery shopping and called me from a garage sale they happened to stop by.
At the garage sale was a dining table that seats 8 (with the leaf in and the two ends up, rather than down), but that's not much bigger than a sideboard with the drop-leaves both folded down and the panel leaf removed.
$80 and then rolling it down the block and hoisting it up the front steps later... I have an actual dining table- a genuine late30s-early40s faux-Regency one, no less (meaning: it's Regency style in a particularly late30s/early40s interpretation of Regency). This will come in handy for the 2006 Great Earthquake and Fire Dinner Party. It needs a little work- the springs in the hinges that hold up one of the end leaves are a little weak, the seller was telling me. Probably wouldn't be too hard to just put a slider latch on the thing and make it incapable of collapsing without the latch being re-opened. Hrmn.
Now to find chairs that match it at a reasonable price- homedecorators.com has folding wooden chairs that are $150/pair that look as if they might do the job.
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