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This is the day we move furniture. Specifically, the unwieldy…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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This is the day we move furniture.

Specifically, the unwieldy step-tansu UPDATE: and the loveseat / hide-a-bed.


Very heavy.

Very unwieldy.

Both look much better in the front room, though. And to everybody who says 'Oh colubra, you're so out of shape'...
...I moved both of these items all by myself, thank-you-very-much. Let's see your bitch ass make a solo act of dragging a loveseat down a corridor with a 90-degree turn in it and then between two book-cases.
  • I had no idea of what a tansu was, but upon research I found it was a lot like the thing I have in my room for the TV and other stuff. I would never say you are out of shape because that's the only piece of furniture in my room which keeps me from moving the rest to give the room a new look. And trust me, little tomboy me can move a bookcase with books in it and compared to moving that thing, it's not even half the effort.

    Besides, you get bonus points if your floors are carpeted because they don't help at all when pushing things.
    • I have hardwood floors- which actually makes moving things really easy, if you have a small area rug that you can employ as a cushion / friction-alleviating pad.
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