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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Name That Tune!

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Name That Tune!

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hey where it's at! yeeeah
New list of hints at prior LJ entry.
  • Yeah... This meme presupposes one or more flawed premises!
    • Now I'm curious

      expand, please?
      • Re: Now I'm curious

        Some premises:

        (1)I listen to music (2)with lyrics (3)on my computer.

        You had a little trouble with premise two, and I have more than a little trouble. In addition, my computer is temporarily offline, so I wouldn't bother bending my reality to repair premise three, even if premise two were not FUBAR.
        • Re: Now I'm curious

          Actually, it only makes this assumption of me: that is, it assumes that I do these things, and assumes that you might be able to recognize lyrics.
          There are a few flaws- I'd've written it as specifying lyrics- and also allowed the user to strike things that he thought too vague or too esoteric.
  • Ooh, is 6 It's No Game, by David Bowie?

    Not that I would *really* know, because I'm not so good with spelling in foreign languages... and too lazy to go look it up (which is a good thing cuz that would be cheating.)

    anyway, Hi again!
    • nope, it ain't 'It's No Game (Part 1)' --and HERE is where you tucked this comment.
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