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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

More iPod Madness

So they got a new 40gb iPod in at the iPod store already. and they have a confusing policy.

See, many years ago, I stopped going by my given name and started going by a nomme d'affaires. When I registered the iPod, I used the nomme d'affaires. They want the nomme d'affaires to turn up and provide a photo ID. I have no photo ID on that name.

This could be interesting.

UPDATE: it bears note that the nomme d'affaires turns up on the photo ID that I have from the workplace- though with my given surname, rather than the nomme d'affaires surname. That is: nomme d'affaires is 'nameA nameB': my workplace ID is issued to 'NameA nameB given-surname' and has a photo of me on it.
Oh, and is issued to an employee of Apple's biggest competitor.


Went to visit the boys upstairs, just to shoot the shit, and ask their guest if she'd want the bookcase I'm getting rid of. Walked guest out to her car with Boy-Upstairs B. Discussion with guest brought up her success in quitting smoking which was in large part due to a Russian fellow who now lives in Boston. Decided, with Boy Upstairs B, that I'd be willing to go to Boston in 6 months - 1 yr for the sake of quitting smoking.
After all: smoking stinks, is vile, and is bad for one. Sure, it feels good- but beyond that it's Nasty Nasty Nasty.
Parted ways in the foyer after walking Boys-Upstairs-guest to her car, went to give Boy-Upstairs-B a peck goodnight.
Oh my GOD, boy-upstairs-B tried to slip me the tongue. We were both pretty drunk (I still am), so I'm happy to chalk it up as me being decent-looking and not keeping him at arm's distance. But I was quite startled and more than a little repulsed.

Suggestions of how to appropriately deal with a guy being interested in me who I'm not interested in in the least would be welcome. Keep in mind: I'd like to keep Boy-Upstairs-B as a friend: he's a great guy, I enjoy talking to him, I like his sense of humor and his perceptions of the universe. I'm simply not sexually interested in him.
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