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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

HLV (human Livejournal Virus) contracted from billradish

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

HLV (human Livejournal Virus) contracted from billradish

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gothic alley
Another Playlist Shuffle Meme! See if you can guess the song title from the lyrics!

1. Put your playlist on shuffle.
2. Post the first lines to the first 25 songs to come up (along with these instructions).
3. Have people guess the songs and artists in comments to the post.
4. Post the answers to the ones people guessed correctly. A couple of days later, post the first two lines of the ones no one got and get people to guess again.
5. Repeat, adding the next line to the unguessed songs each time, until they're all guessed/you've posted the whole song/you've gotten bored/no-one's going to get the damn thing if you don't tell them.

Warning: some of these are HIGHLY cryptic

1) Hello Hooray let the show begin Hello, Hooray (I knew Pig's version, but Alice Cooper's original was recognized by tuliphead
2) Arlington House, address: no fixed abode One Better Day (Madness) recognized by lyricagent
3) Said you took a big trip Everyone Says 'Hi', recognized by insomnius
4) This tattered document/ A mystery you can solve/ A burnt-out filament, flies still buzzing 'round the bulb
5) Give me two strong arms to protect myself Right By Your Side (Eurythmics), recognized by lyricagent
6) Haru ka gita/ chimushi ga kao wo dasu/ kotori ga mushi wo taberu
7) In the haze of the morning China sits through eternity China, My China (Brian Eno), recognized by peverel
8) Angel won't you call me Could I be the only Though I am a lost cause, Angel won't you call me?
9) It's darkest in the morning light dropping down a post / shots metal evening when dawn gets too close / Dawn passes over to remind him of his pain
10) I went to the river to ease my pain/ I'm feeling so tidal that I'm starting to wane/ I'm starting to set one foot in the flow
11) Never thought of Hades under the Mississippi but still I've come to sing for him Memphis Skyline (Rufus Wainwright), recognized by peverel
12) We are the eight-oh-one We are the central shaft The True Wheel (Brian Eno), recognized by peverel
13) When I was a movie star/ An asteroid had hit the earth and prematurely ended my career/ i thought out loud but no one heard me saying
14) Since you've been gone/ many things have changed/ the days get longer/ We spend our nights alone/ Before you turned
15) There's a place in the sun for anyone who has the will/ to chase one, and I think I've found mine/ Yes I do believe I have found mine
16) This is the last time that I'll wish you dead/ I think I've decided to like you instead/ I'll throw away the letters that I never meant to send/ 'cause now I've got more love to give than to end
17) There's a new sensation A fabulous creation/ a danceable solution to teenage revolution
18) I bid farewell to the state of old New York my home away from home / in the state of New York I came of age, where I first started roaming/ And the trees grow high in New York State, and they shine like gold in the autumn
19) On the lam from the law/ On the steps of the capital/ you shot a plainclothes cop on the ten o'clock
20) When I was young and just a bad little kid Dentist! (Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack), recognized by lyricagent
21) About this time the girls are rising early/ I'm going to find a way to get back someday/ Livingrooms I don't know why someone would leave
22) Every day you're working like a slave/ Sweating bullets, hoping that you'll get it right/ will it come your way tomorrow? Have to wait and see
23) We're marching on the midnight maps, and/ We're all looking for a perfect world/ it could be anywhere, anyway from here/ Anywhere the world is outside
24) Here they come again, hopscotching up to my door/ One by one again knockety knock knocking upon my floor/ Swinging on my gate they gain entry by the yard/ pulling at my hair they scream "paint your thoughts upon my card"
25) The president is talking to us through a microphone The President (Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians), recognized by tuliphead

It also bears note that this took 46 tracks to get 25 that had lyrics at all.
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  • Is "On the lamb from the law" deliberate? Because it gives me this mental image of someone trying to flee the cops on a young sheep.

    Which is just weird.
    • I think it's "on the lam from the law". :)

      Baaa! :)
    • curious:
      'on the lamb' doesn't mean 'running for it despite legal / ethical parameters against'? is that 'on the lam', to you?
      • Because I was rather stunned that I was correcting your English, I went and checked dictionary.com to make certain I wasn't insane.

        It is, in fact, 'on the lam.' Putting in a search for 'on the lamb' makes the site ask if you meant 'on the lam.'
        • Have you any guess as to what song it is that starts with 'on the lam from the law', then? :P
  • 6. Inner Universe, Yoko Kanno?
    17. New Sensation, INXS? (Yeah, too obvious, I know, but I think that line appears there as well).
    • 6: Right artist, wrong track or source of origin (I checked for alternate translations of the track name). ;)
  • Aww. HLV is happy love vibe. ;)
    • Interestingly, you weren't the first person came to mind as who I was stealing HLV from. Even though yeah- it's your coining, isn't it.
  • #1 - "Hello, Hooray", Alice Cooper
    #17 - "Sensations", Alphaville
    #25 - "The President", Robyn Hitchcock
    • Mystified by #1

      #1: correct, though Pig did a version of it that I know and I didn't know Alice's. How surprising!

      #17: nope.

      #25: yep.
    • I remain astonished that Pig's track 'Hallo Hooray' is a ripoff of Cooper. Mr. Watts really makes it his own.
  • (no subject) -
  • 14. I Ain't Missing You At All, originally by John Waite

    At first I read that and thought of "Since You're Gone", by the Cars.

    I think I'll make a similar list. It may take me more than 46 tracks to get 25 with lyrics, now that I'm listening to more and more delicious blipcore.
    • I knew someone would guess that one was John Waite. But in fact, it is someone entirely other.
      • It seemed an unlikely thing to be in your playlist. Another unlikely possibility is "Since You've Been Gone", by Kelly Clarkson. Also, "Since You Been Gone", by Rainbow, another by Theory of a Dead Man, Outfield, Powder Finger, Eleventeen, The Used, 1000 Clowns, Nevergreen, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Weird Al Yankovic... in fact, there's a ton of bands with a song that's titled and/or includes "Since you've been gone" as a lyric.

        But now I'm just searching google, which is cheating. :)
        • Indeed- if I'd built the meme I'd've suggested that if you judged an opening line as being far too obvious or far too confusing, you should skip it.
          But I went with it as it stood.
  • I just googled a lot of those and was reassured to find out I had never heard most of them. Of course, then I was a little disappointed I hadn't heard them, too - a lot of them are things I've been meaning to check out. I think I'll steal this meme, it's a good one!
  • You listen to some fucking obscure music.

    However, I'll contribute TWO COUNT 'EM TWO Brian Eno songs -- from the same damn album in fact -- and a Rufus Wainwright. You know where they go.

  • #13) How it Should be(Sha Sha), Ben Kweller
    #16) A Fine Day For Sailing, Go Sailor
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