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Audio News

Were you aware that there was a new Brian Eno album- an album with vocals?
You are, now.

This new album is titled 'Another Day On Earth'.
I have not yet listened to it, though I am listening to the sound of the DVD-R in my computer chugging away at it.
Once it's ripped, i will listen to it.


Also, when you take your 40gb iPod- this model is known as the 'LA LA LA WE DON'T MAKE THESE ANYMORE EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS PHYSICALLY IDENTICAL TO THE ONES WE DO MAKE THAT ARE NOT PHOTO IPODS LA LA' iPod- to the Apple store and say 'it's broken' while it's still under warranty, they WILL replace it. However, they order a new one and you have to wait for it.
If you have a 40gb iPod and it's acting at all wonky, I advise you to take it in while it still works even vaguely- else, you're out of your portable music box for a few days after visiting them (they think I may have it next week).
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