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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Ritual of Relaxation ensues.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Ritual of Relaxation ensues.

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Scaldingly hot water fills the bathtub. I'll get in a bit later, when the porcelain's gotten warm.
The candle waits. The side table waits. A glass of vodka waits to be poured, and a nice lazy book waits to be read.

I missed the bathtub.
  • If you intend to continue down the bath of luxury in bathing, I highly recommend a bath pillow for the neck. That part of the porcelain never gets warm, or comfortable.
    • I'm taller than you, keep in mind- my head rests against the wall when my feet are against the opposite end, with the crook of my neck along where the tub flares outwards to meet the wall.
      And if you 'prime' the tub- that is, if you leave it with scalding water for 10-20 minutes- it actually does get the whole thing not-cold to the touch. Not blood-warm, no, but certainly not so cold as to be uncomfortable / distracting.
      I think the next step is going to be something like a bath bomb.
      • My far wall is an outside wall poorly insulated, and the chill of that makes it difficult to keep the top rim of my tub warm. I also have more sensitivity to cold since I got ill, annoyingly. You can, however, attach said pillow to the wall as well. Mine sticks on with suction cups. I usually put it over the lump of the tub rim to form a better place to put head and neck.

        My personal bath treat is a peculiar stuff imported from Germany which is made of conkers and strongly resembles absinthe in color, and a bit in scent. Like absinthe, I think it used to be made of peculiar Alpine herbs by a handful of monks sworn to secrecy. For me it's a childhood treat and good for my skin as well. I believe Lush, The Body Shop and some of the other trendy bath boutiques do sell non-girly flavors of bath bombs and what have you, as well as unscented ones. As might Japantown, come to think of it. We stayed overnight at the Miyako for our anniversary, and some sort of bath salts came with the Japanese soaking tub in the room. Mmmm.

        I still want a floating table and a waterproof laptop; I keep getting my best writing ideas in the tub.
  • Oh, baby, it missed you too.

    It's gonna be all right, baby, you're together now, ain't nobody can keep us ap--

    uh, wait, what was I saying?
  • Sadly I am giving up my bathtub. My favorite place.

    We are moving back downtown, and the "bathtub" there is really just a "shallow receptacle" for the shower. It sucks.
    • <emotion style=gloat>

      Miiiine is surrounded with new tiiiiile.

      And it's deeeeeep.

      And it's walking distance from downtown, and it's
      • Re: <emotion style=gloat>

        Deep enough to actually LIE in?



        Actually, screw the hot water, all of a sudden I've got steam coming out of my ears.
        • Re: <emotion style=gloat>

          Deep enough to actually LIE in?


          Yes. Yes, it is.
          • Re: <emotion style=gloat>


            Seriously, yours is the first Proper Bathtub I've bloody heard of over here, apart from Spa-Baths-That-Cost-An-Arm-And-A-Leg-And-Give-You-Weird-Diseases.

            Sometimes I think that bathtubs (as opposed to glorified saucers which are made even shallower by those stupid fucking overflow things that are drilled HALFWAY DOWN an already puddle-shallow tub) were chucked into Boston harbour along with the tea. < / EXPAT_WHINGING >
    • Re: <emotion style=gloat>

      I dated a man that had a bathtub like that. Heavenly! I don't see him anymore. God, I miss his bathtub, though. I'd be small enough to take a full bath in most tubs if it weren't for the darn overflow thing, as you mentioned.

      Anyway, Colubra, I hope you don't mind but you made bathing sound so good, I had to join you. :)
      • Re: <emotion style=gloat>

        don't mind at all. And you may want to look for a 'deep bath' adapter too, @ BedBath&BEYOOOND!!! (sorry, that last word seems to demand to go into an echo chamber).
      • Re: <emotion style=gloat>

        The wrinklies and my and mother-outlaw both have tubs to die for. But no matter how much of a bath freak I am, Australia's just a wee tad too far to go for a proper soak.
    • Re: <emotion style=gloat>

      The overflow thingy can be cured with a 'deep bath' adapter, which can be gotten at bed bath & beyond for like $6.
      It is a cup of plastic with little suction cups around the rim, and puts the tub's outflow at the top of the circle, basically.
      I just bought one, and it Critically Rocks.
      • Re: <emotion style=gloat>

        Shall investigate forthwith. Fifthwith, even!
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