I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Arcane technologies (or, the entry wherein colubra's iPod quotes Mark Twain)

Apple is run by a cadre of technomancers. If this were a White Wolf game I was living in I'd first off want to sit down with a vampire and ask him all sorts of questions about metabolism, then I'd assume that Apple was some virtual adepts with a really wicked sense of humor.

So yesterday, the iPod dropped dead in the car. Wouldn't pick up ANY song I picked, got VERY warm. Then it dropped dead, wouldn't answer anything.
Throw up annoyed LJ entry about that, last night.

Today? throw iPod and batch of CDs in shoulderbag. Go to work.
Get to work, look for apple store phone # or webform so as to schedule appointment.
do not find appointment form on site.
Do find a troubleshooting FAQ for the device, however.
1: you may have the iPod locked: slide the switch over to unlock it.
I check: nope, I don't.
2: is the battery charged? plug the iPod into the wall and check.
well, the thing hasnt' been booting, so I plug it in. Well hey, there's the little apple.
3: you may need to reset the iPod. hold down this button and that button for 6-10 seconds until the apple comes up on the screen, then stick your tongue out and dance three times widdershins while chanting 'candlestick the over jump Jack quick be Jack nimble be Jack'.
and what do you know- it's working now.
Reports of iPlod's death are greatly exaggerated, it informs me.

One nice thing about this is that it reminded me there were albums I need to get onto the iPod. And yes, I already have planned out what needs to go iPod->my computer so that I don't ever lose the damn things.
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