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Bah, Feh, Ptui &c.

Tonight, went to dinner w/ locals from surlydinos, as well as perci, who was in town for a conference. Drove car to dinner, ate good food, got in car to give perci a lift to the hotel...
...and the iPod was dead.
Jesus chripes, I haven't even had it for 10 months!

At least Apple covers repairs in the the first year under warranty.
I'll have to rip all those damn CDs again! AUGH.

Drove perci to hotel, went down the road that I used to work on to go to the freeway. Oh right, the Varsity theatre's a Borders now. Well, what the hey, let's have a look...
...okay, I called every goddamned bookstore that is on my 40-mile-one-way commute to see if they had this book. Nope. None did.
Here are 10 copies of it, and now one of them is mine, hah HAH hah hah.

Got home, after listening to BBC World Service on the way home (for lo: I have no idea what the hell I'm doing with the radio in the car, and my father had nothing else programmed in that I'd want to listen to), to find that the note I'd left with tickyboxes beside days of the week, which were listed under the words

had a check next to Friday, with '8 AM?' written after.
I left them a nice note saying 'Friday morning? cool. Wanted to be sure I didn't clot the room up with steamy hot water in the morning before you came in to paint. Thanks a lot- it's looking terrific!'

After all, house repair / contractors probably don't hear positive reinforcement as they go often enough.

I hope the paint dries quickly.
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