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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

you know you missed your shower when...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

you know you missed your shower when...

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naked lunch
...you invent new words for the joy in having, which are in a language that you do not speak (habenfreude is, to my knowledge, not actually German. Just as schadenfreude = 'damage joy', habenfreude = '(of) having joy'. Specifically, the joy one takes in one's possessions.
If there is not a singleword description for the childish joy of having (No, I'm not talking covetousness or greed, I'm talking about the joy that you experience when you get home hot and thirsty and find an ice-cold bottle of water in your fridge. I'm also talking about the joy of having bought a brand-new mop on the way home to discover that you need a new mop, desperately. The glee of having exactly what you needed. That's a better description, actually)joy of having exactly what you need, there needs to be.

...you write twoEDIT: three LJ entries to explain that you're pleased pink by this.

...you COMPOSE A SENRYU in honor of your new shower.
While USING it.

hot water, running
down my soapy skin. I know
that this is perfect.


but good goddamn, it's a nice set of changes to the shower! all 6'2" of me fits under the showerhead! and the tile is white and shiny! and the window actually ventilates the bath!
  • I am so diggin' on your delight.

    And, truly, that is the flaw of vocabulary: no matter how much you have, you always need more. Let's get on the word generation.
  • yay! as someone who speaketh the Cherman, I have to say: habenfreude tickles me pink, too.
  • Ya dropped yer soap

    There is nothing like a nice hot shower to make you feel human.
    Glad ya got it back.
  • Oh my god. I was like that when I got my iPod, and suddenly I had music. All the time. Anytime I wanted it. My joy was beyond explanation.

    Now I feel that way about my sneakers, because I've been doing a lot of walking...but yeah. I think it's a great new word.
  • I thought 'habenfreude' was a wonderful word. I feel that way about my wheels.

    And I completely understand about the shower thing. How previous generations survived without hot water, I will never know. I retain habenfreude about the fact that this building has only once ever run out of hot water for me.
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