I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

So the nice contractor isn't going to be around tomorrow or next weekend. He has already left for the day, and therefore I couldn't borrow his drill today (as I went out for lunch with lyricagent). He came in around 11 AM and laid in the woodwork in the bath- door frame & the baseboards. There is still no paint, and he doesn't know when the plumber will be in to connect up my fixtures, because 'he's trying to get #21 ready'.
#21 is the apartment that was vacated by lyricagent's now-housemate, wurmfood. While I can understand that the landlady would like to get income being generated by that apartment, and it has nearly been 2 months since wurmfood stopped living in it...
...bitch, it's been a month since I could take a shower inside of my own aparment, dammit! UPDATE: just talked with the plumber as he went past my porch; he says he'll be fitting out my bathroom 'hopefully Monday, definitely by Tuesday'. So, exactly one month.

When I told the general contractor guy I wanted to change the kitchen hardware before painting it (I want it WHITE WHITE WHITE OH GOD THE EYES BLEED WHITE), he said he'd go ahead and drill the holes for the new hardware, if I'd mark the spots on doors and drawers where drilling needed to happen. He also suggested getting a longer screw for the door knobs that were uneven. They are now happily parallel to each other, as the longer screw makes it possible to fit the handles onto parallel holes.

And while picking up screws, I found a hook in the shape of a great big salamander (his tail's curved up) which is working quite happily as someplace to put a hand-towel in the kitchen. the salamander's body is about as big as my hand. It's great big.

I also found a jalapeno ornamental pepper plant that had BRIGHT PURPLE jalapenos peppers all over it. I did not buy it. I am not sure if I should buy it or not. I find it quite fascinating, though. Are peppers annual or perennial?
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