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Home Decorating.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Home Decorating.

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not listening la la la la
I decided to pretend that I was going to come home to a completed bathroom. I didn't- they have the cabinet for the sink in place, they have the mirror mounted in the wall. No plumbing or electrical fixtures as yet, no paint on the walls as yet. Assholes.

Because of this pretense, however, I went to Bed Bath & BEYONNNND!!! for some things I needed. Like a new shower curtain (Andy Warhol prints on clear vinyl), towels, a new bathroom rug, a new showerhead-hanging rack thingy (they had one in chrome). And a paper-towel-holder for the kitchen...
...and some rather pleasant-looking (though unfortunately somewhat light-weight) flatware.

I didn't buy a shower-curtain rod, of course. Why would I buy that? I already have one...
...uhm, does anyone have suggestions on how to get a tension rod to collapse again so I can fit it into the spot it's supposed to be at? Duh me. Between advice given by feyandstrange and by st_rev, I have now rendered the rod appropriately shorter. Thanks, guys!

So I imagine that the nice men will come by bright and early and make noise upon noise in the bathroom. I'm just going to hope that when they're done tomorrow they are done, forever and ever and ever.
  • If it's just a tension rod, giving it a good whack ought to work.

    This is admittedly why I've always favored shower curtain rings that can be swapped independently of the curtain rod.
    • So I gave it a really serious hardcore shove, and the end popped off. And that told me enough about what was going on inside that I could put it back together and make it work.
      inside, it was just a very very very very very long plastic screw.
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