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Words fail me.

there are no words (except for work-safe).

In other news, there are tiles and grout on my bathroom walls now. I may be able to wake up in the morning sometime soon, walk into the next room, and bathe. Perhaps as soon as Friday, assuming paint and fixtures both happen tomorrow.


EDIT to add:

Go out back for a smoke. The boys upstairs- who are an ex-couple of charmingly-yet-assaultively gay older guys- have had a bunch of friends over for dinner who are now having a few drinks and just chattering and hanging out.

You know, there's really nothing like standing outside in shirtsleeves in San Francisco, being serenaded with 'Summertime' from Porgy & Bess while sipping blood-orange-flavored vodka and thinking about how very nice the bathroom is looking.
Nothing like it at all.
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