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weird request:

Okay, it's time I started doing something frivolous for my own amusement again.

I own a photo. It is a strange and interesting and /weird/ photo: it's about 5" tall and about 3' wide (yes, three /feet/ wide). The various attendees of the State Grange were photographed and cobbled together across the image via cut-and-pasting of photographic negatives, and then everyone got to take one of these prints home as a souvenir. One of them wound up in the possession of a dear friend- when he died, I claimed that as my memento of him.
I thought it might be entertaining to buy another one and hang them together somewhere (perhaps one over the other?). And then I forgot all about it.
Something reminded me today of this little idea that I had done nothing with in 7 years, and I thought I would post it here.
This page contains several examples of the sort of things you might find panorama photos of.
I'm perfectly willing to spend $10-35 on one of these beasts (outside of shipping of course): beyond that, I might appreciate an email just so I know what sort of $ and what the subject matter is.
I would cheerfully go a bit higher for an especially attractive one- the URL above contains several modern prints off old negatives of the Gaza plateau, for instance, and those would qualify. Another one out there is a big slab of Rome in 1909.

Post if you find one so's I can put up a mailing address in a you-only post- and find out to where the money goes. I'm hoping to come up with somewhere around 30 of the beasts: if you're an antique-shopper already, this is a keep your eyes open request. If you're not, you really shouldn't knock yourself out looking: this is more a 'for amusement's sake' than a 'YOU MUST FIND THE PHOTOS (Photos Photos photos photo photphoph...)" sort of thing.

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