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It's funny.

I've seen Moulin Rouge.
I would pay money to be able to forget Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor mauling music I love.

That said?
If it weren't for that movie, I would never have heard two renditions of two songs I've always loved as done by artists I especially like. Bowie's rendition of Nature Boy is just... god. See, that song has always been a favorite of mine. The musical director at my parents' church used to sing it around campfires on campouts... and Bowie doing it is, well...
Come the hell on, it's BOWIE fer chrissakes!

Also, Rufus Wainwright's rendition of Complainte de La Butte makes me smile softly. Nevermind that the song was originally written for another film, and that it's the only one in French on the whole goddamned soundtrack to a movie that allegedly takes place in fin de siecle Paris.

Bloody Australians.

Music Music Music. I'm just all about the music, lately.


In other notes, the nice men laid down paper in the hallway, brought in a vanity for the sink to be mounted in in my bathroom, and brought in a wall-hanging mirror-and-cabinet.

Additionally, I received a very nice thank-you note from an author whose work makes me quite contented, for buying her a book she wanted for her birthday. Having felt a moment of 'oh, oops, shit...' about repeatedly saying that she looked kinda weary while she was in town after a month of a book-signing / reading tour, it was honestly just meant as a way of apologizing that was more heartfelt than saying 'oh gosh, I'm rattling on, please forgive me'. Shit, anybody would look weary in that situation, wouldn't they? Sorta demonstrating that firm grasp on the obvious.
And then again again- a thank-you note is always a surprise in my world: I long ago taught myself not to expect 'em, and to just enjoy the feeling of having done the good deed. ;)

I want a bathroom now goddamnit you evil people who have not yet given me a bathroom!!!! And this ends the moment of complaint.
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