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You know, the fun part about a new microwave is learning how long you…

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mucha mosaic
You know, the fun part about a new microwave is learning how long you can cook microwave popcorn.

Okay, on to bag number 3.
  • My microwave is popcorn challenged. Sometimes it takes 3 minutes, some others only half the corn will pop and some others I just get a scorched bag...

    We make it the old fashioned way: Stove and popcorn pot. My next home appliance acquisition will be a hot air popcorn maker. No waste, they say.
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    • Yeah, a couple people I know assure me that this is a typical learning curve for a new microwave. ;)
      • It is. Though I prefer a microwave popcorn popper and loose popcorn instead of bags. It's cheaper in the long run.
  • Yeah, and you really can't trust that popcorn button.
  • I guess I've had good luck with the microwave popcorn I've tried, but I've always stood by, listening carefully and then counting off seconds between pops to determine when to stop.
    • Yeah, same here. I don't think microwave popcorn is predictable enough to just set the timer and leave it. Generally speaking when it starts to pause a couple of seconds between pops I shut it off.

      • I have found it that predictable in past- but I don't mind leaving a variably-sized batch of unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bag, either.
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