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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

It bears note that the new Richard Cheese album is perhaps the best…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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It bears note that the new Richard Cheese album is perhaps the best fucking farce album ever made in my lifespan.

The Killers' song 'Somebody Told Me', which you probably know if you listen to the radio ('somebody told me/ that you had a boyfriend/ who looked like a girlfriend/ that I had in February of last year'. You know it, right?) is rendered in a minor key. stripped down to slow piano and vocal. The vocalist is drunk off his ass and sounds depressed and miserable. The whole thing sounds like it belongs in the background of any number of scenes in movies built off Dashiell Hammett scripts.

Damn, but this is good.
  • Apertif... for Destruction.

    Apertif!??!!? for destruction!?!?!?!

    Sweet Jesus, I've heard this guy before but that title... genius!
  • The thing that bugs me about 'Somebody Told Me' is that the singer consistently mispronounces 'February' as 'Febyooary'. It just jumps out at me every time.
    • That's a pretty common pronunciation in the NE part of the US, actually. If you say "Feb-roo-air-ee" around here, you'll probably get some odd looks.
      • Bah, I don't care what such people think. They believe in nonsense like Bruce Springsteen and socialism up there.
        • Yes, when life gets too rough for us up here, we routinely clap our hands, squeeze shut our eyes, and chant, "I do believe in Bruce Springsteen, I do believe in Bruce Springsteen." Then The Boss rises up magically from New Jersey, bringing us socialized medicine and a raise in the minimum wage.

          It's true, I've seen it happen.
  • The only thing I've heard is the cover of 'Closer' by NIN. I keep meaning to pick up more, but I just haven't yet. I'll definitely have to check out the Killers cover. If it's anywhere near as amusing as the NIN cover? Delicious.
    • it's not. it's much, much, much funnier.
      • Dude, the NIN cover mashes it up with the Sesame Street theme. It doesn't get any funnier.
        • The 'Enter Sandman' cover mashes it up with the old classic 'Mr. Sandman'.

          Yes, it does.
          • Mr. Sandman


            I hadn't heard anything from him since Lounge Against the Machine. This makes me happy.
  • The Killers' song 'Somebody Told Me'

    Oh, you mean the one where they're trying to sound like the Pet Shop Boys.
  • Yes! Richard Cheese does indeed rule. I periodically rock out, satirically, to his Holiday in Cambodia cover.
  • Want to share? *peer*
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