I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Renovations part the Umpteenth: the Squeeze Approacheth.

So the landlady called yesterday afternoon- I didn't hear her message 'till this AM.

Good news! I get a WHOLE NEW refrigerator, not just the 'old' fridge from next door (which is still at most half the age of the fridge that I have, though I suspect that the fridge that I have is as old as my college days).

BAD news! The apartment next door is being leased on June 1. The landlady THINKS she'll have my bathroom done by then.

Currently, there are three walls in said bathroom. The wet wall- the wall that has the shower faucets, the sink plumbing- and the toilet's back- is not yet done. They are turning off water to the building tomorrow afternoon for the plumbers to do their, er, plumbing magic? on it. Hopefully they'll be successful because then I will just have the tile man in the place, a coat of paint, and voila. New bathroom.
I hope I hope I hope. In the event that they're not done, there is a bathroom in the boiler room of the building (i.e.: right off my back porch) which I may use, and the terrific fellows upstairs said I could use their bath whenever I needed (and gave me a spare key to their place, even).

The crunch, she has arrived.

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