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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Remodelling update

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Remodelling update

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gothic alley
Still no bathroom in apartment. Still not really an issue as I have access to the apartment next door, which DOES have a working bathroom.

No light fixture working in bathroom today: the electricians came in and dinked around some. In addition to a light fixture on the ceiling there is now a fan mount on the ceiling. And they'd been going on to me about how quiet the ceiling fans they were using in other flats were.
Ooooh, quiet fan. Ooooh, fan that's removed from lightswitch.

Sometime in the near future, I'll be doing the landlady a favor by staying home and letting the nice men bring in new refrigerators. In return for this favor, I get the 'old' refrigerator from next door.

You know, this is really starting to look like it'll be a very nice place, once they're all done. I'll just have to work on painting the hallway. And then moving stuff out of the bedroom so I can paint the bedroom. And then...

I'm rather enjoying this. Does it show?
  • It does sound marvellous. I'm glad you're getting the place fixed up and tricked out.
  • It's contagious. *grin* I'm glad it's all working out.

    BTW, I keep forgetting to ask -- how do you like the desk?
  • As well you should! I am glad you are enjoying it.
  • That study is going to look fantastic when you're done. I think it'll all shape up nicely. :)
    • Oh in /that/ room I'm pretty much done. The computer needs to move over, as does the step tansu.

      Okay, reflection tells me that no, I'm not done in there.
  • There's a very sweet joy in the remodeling of a place & making it your own. I did that when my roomie moved out — nearly broke myself turning her former bedroom into a minimalist paradise of a guest room. ;)
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