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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Today's Weird Shit Roundup:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Today's Weird Shit Roundup:

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scared of you.
First, People crying while eating (brought to my attention by boingboing.net).

Second off, this is what might happen if Thomas Ligotti had hired H.R. Giger to made a video for a Ligotti book. Distressing. Cool. Twitch. mesila brought this one to my eye. and no, it's not a LIgotti work at all, but it definitely gets the feel.

Also, when someone says 'this is my cel phone #' and you call a foreign area code and are on the RIGHT coast, is it just me, or is it common fucking courtesy to figure out what area code you're calling and not wake someone at 6 AM to ask if they have a document you sent yesterday?
No, not for some folks it's not.
Apparently it's even boggling to them that you'd answer the query of what time it is with '...Pacific Timezone, before 7 AM when my alarm goes off? I don't know more precisely; I cannot read my alarm clock from across the room with my glasses off.'
  • Crying While Eating is a weird shit site all right.

    I mean I'm sure there have been times where I was eating while crying or vice versa, but I've never had the desire to post about it to the web.

  • Not quite as weird as crying while masturbating.

    Though I don't know if I'd want to see pictures of that...
    • going to hell for this, but...

      Buh huh huh.
      fap fap fap
      fap fap fap
      Oh GOD she HATES ME, boo hoo hoo
      fap fap fap
    • Do that again and I will bribe Frank Black to call you in the dead of night and sing arias.
    • Re: going to hell for this, but...

      *laughing uproariously*
      *roaring with laughter*
      *SCREAMING with laughter*

    • Re: going to hell for this, but...

      ...but WHERE'S THE MONEY SHOT???
  • "Mgghhh... hello?"
    "Oh I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"
    "No, I had to get up to answer the phone anyway."
    "Oh, ok... I... ...." (awkwardness)

    Gets those eejits every time. :)
    • This fucktard asked
      'Are you asleep?'
      and I said
      'No, I'm talking to you.'
  • So, on Tuesday morning should we all call you at 6am so that you don't feel lonely and isolated because you won't be getting calls from others?

    *runs off and looks behind his back, paranoid of evil lurking behind him all day*
  • I work in Customer Service, so I've had to call people in the morning. I had to learn the hard way to pay attention and check for HI and AK area codes.

  • In my experience, East Coasters just don't get time zones. The whole concept seems to fly right over their heads. I think the only solution would be a phone that automatically blocks out calls from a configurable list of area codes during an also-configurable set of hours. With the presets being "every area code east of Detroit" and "midnight to 8am".
    • This is a neat idea! It isn't feasible for me, at the moment. I think it might be easier just to program your phone to automatically dump to voicemail btw those hours. Because you want NO calls in that window, right?
      • Well, by "blocks calls" I was kind of assuming "and then they go to your voice mail or answering machine". And I didn't so much intend to make it "NO calls" during that period; my thought had been that you should still get critical calls, but not have your time (and sleep) wasted with trivialities.

        And the logic behind the proposed technology is that a call from the East Coast during those hours is presumed to be trivial. Or at least, not worth getting up for.

        But, of course, building such a phone isn't feasible for either of us at the moment, so I guess your interim solution would have to do.
        • Hmmn. The ability to trivialize a caller's phone # would be more useful here. My non-trivial stuff can come in 24/7, when I'm oncall, and from anywhere on the globe with phone service.
  • That's an awesome video, thanks for sharing!
  • Video

    Ummmmm..... odd.

    Is that meant to be an EKG? Or perhaps a Richter recorder? Either way, something is VEEEERY wrong.

    Interesting music, too. Who was it?

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