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This week on While You Were Out...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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This week on While You Were Out...

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So today, after another cheerful up-at-6-AM-to-work morning and seeing the Re-write of the Sithstory, I came home.
They didn't tear out a part of the wall behind the tub. They tore out the whole damn thing.
And the wall at the foot of the tub, where they thought they might poke in? whole thing gone.
Wall at the head of the tub? all gone.
Fixtures for plumbing? All gone.
Sink? Gone.
Toilet? Gone. Well, sitting on a chunk of the tub surround in the front room. I assume this means they're going to re-place it, once they are done with the walls and plumbing and sink.
Wall opposite tub? gone.
Ceiling? gone.

I'm so glad that the landlady agreed that there was a need to get in here and really replace shit. I'm gonna have BATHROOM with TILES. TILED BATHROOM!
And I feel so guilty that I only got stuff out of the way such that the back wall of the room was available. I need to leave a polite note for the contractor apologizing, I think.
  • I got home tonight and ugali told me that they were suggesting I get away next weekend, because they are doing the exact same thing to ours. (Our tub has a crack in it; they are worried the floor might collapse actually.)
    We were hoping they'd be doing it when we are away at Origins at the end of June, but they decided next weekend.

    As ugali will be at a family wedding, and I am of limited fundage, still not sure what I plan on doing.

    So yeah, I feel your pain.
    • it's not really pain, honestly: they've needed to do this and the next-door apartment's vacant and will remain such until they're done with my bath. ;) So it's not really even inconvenience.
      It's just surprise.
    • Bathroom

      Dybbuk67 will have to run up a flight of stair everytime he want to use the bathroom. Just think of it as a stairmaster.
    • I never thought I'd see someone else with a Kent Shakespeare userpic.
  • Ooooooh. Niiiice.

    Yay for remodeling!
  • Ooh, hooray! Tiles and brand new grout and everything! Rapture.
  • Ah, takes me back to when the housing inspector knocked the wall in in the bathroom... good times! :) When the landlord finally filled it in (many months later), he also had the bathroom "repainted," except didn't actually articulate that, so all my stuff got covered in paint flecks. GOOD TIMES, I tell you! :)

    (Luke: Leia, do you remember your mother... I mean, your real mother?
    Leia: Yes... she was so beautiful, and so sad... bla bla bla bla bla....
    --Return of the Jedi)
    • yeah, that luke-and-leia dialogue kind of made my eyebrow quirk.

      But overall? the movie wasn't terrible.
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