I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Oh ye tiny gods and fishes.

Or, How I Spent my Morning Hours, by colubra.

6:30 AM: emergency call. The computer won't connect to corpnet.
7:30 AM: helpdesk gets me connected. Emergency resolved.
8:00 AM: phonecall from someone external, about something supplied to them over the weekend in response to an emergency.
9:10 AM: hit the shower.
9:20 AM: second emergency. Snag celphone, take call.
9:25 AM: dry off, boot up computer.
9:50 AM: resolved 2nd emergency, go back to the shower.
9:55 AM: slip in shower. Reach to catch self, and wind up putting my hand, rather than on the wall, into the wall. *
10:00 AM: Landlady who was in the building came in to see what the damage was like w/ her contractor.
11:00 AM: show Landlady and contractor out. On Thursday they're going to put things into the rest of the wall with the intention of removing its walliness, so they can inspect the potential dryrot (I'll be showering in the vacant apartment next door so they don't have to worry about doing this quicklike, if things in there are deeply ugly). They'll be replacing the drywall, the plumbing fixtures, tiling the walls, possibly reframing the window and maybe even rewindowing, installing an exhaust fan that is not linked to the lightswitch...

And after all this fun, I drop an email to the coworkers to say I'm going to not come in and just work from home... and one of the coworkers threw me a bit of 'tude on it.

You know what, pal? FUCK YOU. I should just say 'I've been working since 6 AM and it's now 2 PM; anything else that turns up YOU handle it'. But I'm just too nice to do that, apparently.
* Two landlords back, the tub upstairs was leaking onto my ceiling and down that wall. The wood was all silver when they tore it open, and rather than dealing with it when I said 'hey, you know, I haven't been able to bathe in my home in 2 weeks', they finished it back off cheapandnondurably and sold the building. I suspect that this means that the entire wall is held together by dryrot and prayer.

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